Franziska Ullmann - Kopfzeile


Städtebauliches Leitprojekt


„A street is a room, a community room by agreement. - Louis I. Kahn this also means, that what is allowed to happen on the street is basically for common behaviour. Creating this common space as a public walk way in this new housing area was the beginning of the design process.

Also a connection between the urban street and the small housing on the „backside „ of the new quarter, so to avoid cutting off the existing population from the public area with public transport. This activ traffic -space offered the opportunity for unintentional meeting, where private and semiprivate activities can start.

To create a sequence of interesting space on the next bigger scale we designed a square parallel to Donaufelderstrasse so to create an inner overlapping possibility with the existing city, The northern end was defined as an enlargement of the walkway in form of a sort of villlage green.

Finally the buildings volumes were composed around this spaces.

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